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Luna Tree Forget Everything You Know
maya berger luna tree the baby project

About the Book

"Bridget Jones's Diary meets Eat, Pray, Love and they walk down The Road Less Traveled."

The idea for this book came to me one evening. I had just fed and put my beautiful, healthy baby girl down for the night. I was counting my blessings, reflecting on my journey through infertility, mysterious illness, doctor after doctor, finally a diagnosis and the miraculous healing techniques that restored my body, mind and spirit. My hope is that my story will inspire and encourage others.

It can be so discouraging when you are not healthy and are living in constant, debilitating pain. It is confusing and crazy-making when you go to doctor after doctor and every other type of practitioner, often having to wait months for an appointment only to have them scratch their heads, shrug their shoulders and imply that your symptoms are all in your head. A few practitioners touched on some of my problems and tried to help me, but ultimately it was a synchronistic meeting with an acquaintance who had been diagnosed correctly who told me, “what you have sounds like what I had. This is what helped me...”, this serendipitous encounter is what began my road back to health.

I have learned not to ignore synchronicity and I now understand that we know our own bodies and our own “normal” better than anyone.

This is my story. I am grateful to be on the other side of it all and I am happy to be able to share my journey with you.

~ Maya Berger

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“What I admire most about “Luna Tree” would definitely have to be the author’s unique writing style. Maya Berger writes with a very rich style that conveys feelings of passion, enthusiasm and empathy throughout the book. This made it easy for me to relate to the author’s experiences on many personal levels and some chapters even had me reflecting upon my own life in several ways.”

- Kim Connors

“The book is well written and intentioned with keen insight into what it means to fight and endure. I felt compelled by the author’s unique story and I am happy she’s taken a dark part of her life and turned it into something bright and beautiful for us all to read. I highly recommend this memoir to anyone who is having a hard time getting pregnant or is dealing with similar medical hardships. Heartwarming read! A++ ”

- Mia Johnson

“This book has left me empowered to live the life I want and I highly recommend it. It is a powerful book and one that every one needs to read. Well done Maya and thank you so much!”

- Kelly Lynn

About Maya Berger

Maya Berger is a middle-aged woman from Croatia, a survivor of a rare autoimmune disease that affects the spine and bigger joints (Ankylosing Spondylitis).

The daughter of two physicians, Maya grew up thinking that "for every disease there is medicine", but after three years of being misdiagnosed, she turned to alternative healing methods. She traveled the globe in search of cure, and found it.

Lastly, she decided to write a memoir on her experiences hoping her story inspires others with similar challenges and doubts. Her first book, The Luna Tree, is a personal transformation story in a chick-lit style, both heavy and humorous, sweet and sour - like life itself.

Maya lives and works in Zagreb.

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maya berger luna tree the baby project
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